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1/ Background Statistics

Human development index rank

100 1

GNI per capita (PPP in US$)

3,619 1

Life expectancy at birth (years)

67.3 1

Mean years of schooling (years)

8.3 1

Expected years of schooling (years)

13.5 1

Total population

2,671,000 2

2/ Disability Statistics

Population of persons with disabilities

80,796 3, a

Proportion of persons with disabilities to total population

4.8 per cent 4

Employment rate of persons with disabiliti...


Хуулиуд болон бусад салбар эрх зүйн хуулиуд англиар

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General provisions

Article 1. The objective of the law

1.1 The objective of this law is to create the legal framework for types, forms, scope, and financing of the employment promotion activities as well as employment offices and to regulate the relations on their implementation.

Article 2. Employment promotion legislation

2.1 Employment promotion legislation shall consist of the Constitution of Mongolia , the Labour Law , the Social Insurance Act , this law and other legal acts issued in consistence with them.

2.2 If international treaty to which Mongolia is party stipulates...