intermediate 8


Read the text and then try to answer the following questions without seeing the text:

Peter is an electrician. He's going out the door. He is getting into his car. Right now he is starting the motor. The car is moving. He is driving past a railway station. He is stopping the car. His friend is getting in the car. They are driving to work. Peter's friend is happy to be in the car. It is quite early in the morning, and today it's very cold. Peter's friend is going to be early for work today.

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


What is Peter? He is a(n) __________ .
A) mechanic C) chemist
B) electrician D) plumber


What is he doing first? He's __________ .
A) getting into his car C) starting the motor
B) going out the door D) is moving


What is Peter starting? He's starting __________ .
A) the train C) the motor
B) the door D) his car


What is his friend doing? He's __________ .
A) stopping the car C) driving past a railway station
B) getting in the car D) starting the motor


How is Peter's friend feeling? He's feeling __________ .
A) cold C) happy
B) late D) warm


His friend likes to be in the car because __________ .
A) it's very cold today C) he's going to work
B) it's quite early in the morning D) he's driving past a railway station


Where are they driving? They're driving __________ .
A) to work C) to Peter's place
B) to the railway station D) to a movie


Peter's friend is going to be __________ .
A) cold for work day C) sick of work
B) late for work D) early for work

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