Сэдвийн шалгалтын хуваарь

2011-3-26, 08:03
Бие даах ажлыг дүгнэх ба сэдвийн шалгалтын хуваарь
Individual work and topic*s examinationWeeksPoints date
IW-11 or 2 weeks5   /2.20-2.25/
IW-23 or 4 weeks5   /2.20-2.25/
IW-35 or 6 weeks5  /2.20-2.25/
IW-47or 8 weeks5  /3.20-3.25/
IW-59 or 10 weeks5  /3.20-3.25/
IW-611 or 12 weeks5  /3.20-3.25/
IW-713 or 14 weeks5  /4.20-4.25/
IW-815 or 16 weeks5  /4.20-4.25/

Individual work schedule/ хуваарь/

2011-3-26, 08:03
IWWeekTasksNotice/using materialsType to execution
iw-11.2What*s love?Valentine*s day newsfrom the internetreading,translating and composing essay
iw-23.4information about international legal regulationfrom the book by S.Narangerelreading and translating
iw-35.6composing crossword and puzzles about LawyerUsing internet and newspapersreport and confirming by speaking
iw-47.8Usage of conjunctions Using the books by Sumya and Oyuntsetsegreport and file
iw-59.10composing dialogsGiven materials Crack-vocabularylearning and speaking
iw-611.12compositions My student life and youthUsing books and internete...

семинар 3

2011-3-26, 07:28


The ability of understanding and using a language is improved not only by learning the meanings of words but also with social experiences, different relations initiated with several people and with continuous studying. As your ability is improved you start to think in the target language. Meanwhile, understanding the jokes and dreaming in the target language are proofs of your progress.

While learning a foreign language a successful student does not claim that he does not know anything about that language. On the contrary, s/he tries to save time finding the similarities and...


семинар 2

2011-3-26, 07:27
The biggest mistake of a student while listening is that s/he tries to understand each and every word. On the other hand, as it is the same in our own language, we usually understand someone not according to what s/he says but according to his/her intention. (Thats why we listen to him/her as nothing happened when s/he says something wrong not on purpose). Once we understand his/her intention we do not pay much attention to every word s/he says. Hence, we hear what we hope to hear in a sense. Because, we face with familiar structures and expressions continuously. (Even the ones we are sur...


2011-3-26, 07:26
In understanding process, we follow a way that is from sounds and images to meanings. In oral or written forms, this way is from meanings to sounds and images. Perception is based upon analysis, recall and memorization. Usage is related to synthesis and reproduction. In language learning, perception must precede using the language. If the studies are directed to writing in the target language, learning should take place from a word in the source language to its equivalent in the target language; if directed to reading, this should happen from a word in the target language to its equivalent...